What is 1send?

What 1send can do for you and your clients

1send is retention marketing tool that brings email and SMS marketing to Facebook Messenger.


How does 1send work?

1send is built like email and SMS marketing tools. It consists of 3 main aspects: subscribe, broadcast, and analyze.

1) Subscribe

1send subscriptions is based on a Messenger URL. After a user clicks the URL they are show. a clear opt-in modal with the option to subscribe or not. More information:

Getting subscription link

2) Broadcast

1send's campaign builder creates the message to send to your audience. It supports multimedia files and URL link as buttons. More information:

Creating a campaign

3) Analyze

1send's analytics tools shows how many people opened and read your campaigns for data-driven decision making. Read receipts are received directly from Meta and accurate.

How is this different from Manychat (& other chatbots)?

1send and Manychat both use Facebook Messenger as a channel but their fundamental purposes are different.

  • Manychat is a chatbot, where the user designs a logic tree that the customer triggers. In other words, it's reactive and use cases are around customer service/FAQs.

  • Whereas 1send isn't a bot but a broadcasting tool. It creates proactive messages that the business can initiate. The main use case being promotions.

How to signup?

Agencies manage their client's 1send account
Client manages their own 1send account

Clients can register at https://www.1send.net/. More information:

Getting set up


Simple, straightforward pricing: https://www.1send.net/pricing. No commitments or credit card needed to try.

What about Meta's 24 hour follow-up rule?

Marketing on Facebook Messenger has traditionally is difficult because of the "24 hour follow-up" rule. Which means a Facebook Page, or business, can only message a Facebook user if the user has interacted with them in the prior 24 hours.

The purpose is to protect against spam and preserve Facebook's user experience. Unfortunately, this limited businesses to mainly responding to questions like how chatbots work. The 24 hour follow-up rule is still in effect.

However, to empower businesses with Facebook Messenger, Meta has built new subscription capabilities, which is what 1send is built on. Subscribers must first opt-in to messages from the business. Afterwards, the business can message the user even outside the 24 hour window.

Will 1send messages be considered spam?

Spam is a key concern for Meta and 1send. The following precautions are taken to prevent spam:

  • Clear consent is required for subscription

  • Brands are restricted to sending each subscriber only 1 message every 24 hours

  • There is an easy way to unsubscribe.

Does 1send violate Meta's policies?

No. 1send is built on Meta's APIs and is compliant.

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