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Each social media platform has it's own rules and methods for posting links. Below are popular platforms and where you can add your 1send subscription link.


Facebook is the perfect place to share your 1send subscription link since it is the same channel 1send messages are sent. Facebook allows for links in a range of locations:

  • Page descriptions - Each Facebook Page has an intro section that can include a description with a link. Additional you can customize the description in your page cover photo to include a link.

  • Posts and comments - Being able to include links anywhere you can create text is extremely powerful. This includes on your own feed, groups, and even comments in Facebook Reels.

  • Story - When creating a Facebook story, you can choose to include a link.

  • DM - If a user messages you or comments on your posts, you can send them a link via direct message.


Unlike Facebook, Instagram restricts the usage of links on their platform. Below are methods to share your 1send subscription link on Instagram:

  • Link in bio - Up to 5 links are allowed in each Instagram bio. Additionally there are many external services that creates list of links.

  • Story - Links can be included as stickers with customizable text and URL.

  • DM - You can send links in private messages.


TikTok restricts where links can be placed. Clickable links in bio can only be placed if you fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Must be a business account

  2. Have 1,000+ followers

  3. In a country that allows website links

X (Formerly Twitter)

Links are automatically shortened in Twitter but can still be placed:

  • Profile bio

  • Post and comments

  • DM

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