🌐Website integration

A website is your online identity to the world. Your visitor can be some of your most qualified leads. They might not make a purchase immediately but converting a subscriber can allow you to keep in contact with them.

Below are places you can include your subscription link. Please note this list is in order of increasing intrusiveness and may impact your visitor's experience.

  • Footer - Add a signup link at the bottom of your web pages in the footer. Visitors who scroll through your content may notice it and subscribe.

  • In line content - Insert a signup link within the content of your web pages, especially on high-traffic pages or where you discuss products, services, or promotions.

  • Floating banner - Have a persistent, fixed bar at the top or bottom of the screen that contains the signup link. This ensures visibility as visitors scroll.

  • Slide-in boxes - Use a slide-in box that appears from the corner of the screen as users scroll down the page.

  • Pop up - Trigger a popup when a visitor is about to leave your site. This can capture the attention of users who might otherwise leave without subscribing.

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